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Profile ICT Solutions products are drawn from a number of ICT areas that include computer telephony integration, in-building IPTV, and broadcasting industry software.


In the area of computer telephony integration, in particular PC-based operator console systems, we have a strong background going back over 15 years. Today we market and support PC-based operator console products for both VoIP systems and traditional Centrex and PBX platforms.
Our experience in the application of video processing and distribution technology over several years, coupled with a strong background in networking and Internet technologies, gives us a perfect backdrop against which we offer solutions for distributing broadcast TV and audio services over in- building IP networks. This we do under the trading name of PIPTV.
In the area of broadcasting, we currently offer software solutions for radio stations to provide them with advanced data casting and paperless studio capabilities. To find out more about our products and solutions please click on the appropriate links in the products navigation bar above.